Chardonnay Bergamasca IGT Estereta

Chardonnay Bergamasca IGT Estereta2018- Castello degli Angeli

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  • 10.10.2022
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About the wine

With experience and intuition, the winemaker from the Italian winery Castello degli Angeli masters this white wine in the fertile and blooming landscape of Lombardy. Christmas 2021 is just around the corner! Make the most of it with this powerful white wine 2016 — Chardonnay Bergamasca IGT Estereta! Culinary tip from Flaschenpöstler: This Chardonnay can be served very well with truffles or soft cheese.

Castello degli AngeliWhite wine   | 75clItaly,   Lombardy13.5100% Chardonnay
Chardonnay Bergamasca IGT Estereta
Inspired by the holistic culture of organic and biodynamic agriculture. The wine is neither clarified nor filtered. This choice, aimed at maximum respect for the quality of the wine, can lead to the formation of a slight sediment in the bottle. This is followed by the operations of crushing and pressing in a vertical press. The juice obtained is transferred to steel tanks. The first phase of alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, then the must is transferred to French oak barriques, where it slowly completes the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Production 800 bottles.
Goes well with white meats such as rabbits.
The wine matures in barriques for about 12 months. After this period of refinement, the wine is bottled. This is followed by refining in bottles that have been left in a thermo-conditioned environment for at least 12 months before being released for consumption.

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