Switzerland's most charming talk show host in conversation with Dominic Blaesi and Renzo Schweri. Find out how the two Flaschenpost founders fared on Swiss television and how a business plan in A-4 format could work as the initial spark of Flaschenpost's success under this link.


Read here how «the gentlemen from Flaschenpost» help their customers find their way through the thicket of the wine world. And why, for all their love of wine, beer is never forgotten.


Algorithms and data mining are used to help Flaschenpost's customers have an even better wine experience. The following portrait of Flaschenpost in the Sonntagszeitung provides exciting insights into how Flaschenpost is working on the future.

NZZ am Sonntag

The «NZZ» wine expert Peter Keller explains why wines can be profitable as financial investments – based on the thesis «Quality wines as financial investments», written by Flaschenpost founder Renzo Schweri.

Schweizer Familie

From the «jöö» effect to a successful company – Switzerland's largest virtual wine shop and its founders in the «Swiss Family» portrait.

heute Zeitung

An article from the early days of Flaschenpost, in which Renzo Schweri and Dominic Blaesi present their brilliant business idea and their ambition to become an «Amazon» for wine.

Die Weltwoche

The «Weltwoche» in an interview with the «online pioneers» of the Flaschenpost about social trends in wine, high volume percentages and the unloved tap taste.


How two young entrepreneurs from Zurich managed to revolutionize the online wine business despite skepticism from the industry, you can read in this article from the «Zürichsee Zeitung».

Radio Energy

Dominic Blaesi explains in an interview with Radio Energy what makes the Flaschenpost idea so unique and why wine lovers with a small wallet also get their money's worth at the largest online wine cellar.


Apprends ici comment Flaschenpost, le plus grand vendeur de vin en ligne de Suisse, met en œuvre un vaste projet informatique innovant et découvre le prochain point à l'ordre du jour de l’entreprise.


In the «ChefTreff» podcast with Sven Rittau, Dominic Blaesi looks back on the year 2020, in which Flaschenpost recorded a 200% increase in growth, and he describes how his team adapted to the new situation.

Shop Techblog

In the «Shop Techblog» podcast, Johannes Klaiber, CTO, talks about the demand caused by the pandemic, how it affected processes, and the transformation of e-commerce IT that is currently taking place.


Dominic Blaesi joins other digital retail experts on «K5 TV» to talk more about «Wine Insights: Enjoyment by Click» with regard to what Future Retail will look like.


The two founders declare war on Coop and explain why Flaschenpost wants to become «the Netflix of wine».