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Champagne R de Ruinart
Bottle of Champagne R de Ruinart from Ruinart

Champagne R de Ruinart - Ruinart

CHF359.70 for 6 bottles
  • 23.07.2024
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Item no. 1005384

Champagne R de Ruinart - Ruinart

About the wine

The elegant champagne. Founded in 1729, Ruinart is an unparalleled reference for top quality and style.

RuinartChampagne & Sparkling wine | 75cl128°-10°C40— 45% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, 10— 15% Meunier
Falstaff: 92/100
Tasting note
A fruity, golden champagne that just sparkles with love of life. Ruinart Champagne 'R' brews thoroughly in the glass and the foam is kept alive by fine pearls. It is a beautiful yellow - golden reflections give the color brilliance. The bouquet is fresh and fruity with notes of fruits of white flesh. In the foreground, we clearly see some pears, behind them traces of dried fruit, especially hazelnuts and almonds. This is followed by aromas of white flowers such as acacia, hawthorn, bush rose. The tempting, intense smell is accompanied by lactic-nutty nuances, a hint of bioches and something slightly buttery. The liveliness is repeated on the palate. Overall, the 'R' is a well-balanced, round and full-bodied branded champagne with dominant aromas of greengage (green plums) and white peach.
Culinary recommendation
Recommended as a soloist, either completely unaccompanied by food or as a character who alone carries through the food sequence. Its aroma comes into its own in addition to mussels.
Bottle fermentation for 2 to 3 years in chalk cellars
More information
Allergy information: Contains sulfites

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