Cool wine quickly

How do you chill a wine as quickly as possible? If you put ice cubes in the wine, a sommelier dies somewhere in the world. So they say. Of course, we don't want that to happen. That's why we're telling you our best methods for chilling white, rosé and sparkling wine quickly and without compromise.

Our 4 best methods

Frozen grapes

5 minutes

Keep a few frozen grapes in the freezer to chill wine with when needed. Put 1-2 grapes in the glass or 6-8 in a decanter. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but very quick and especially recommended for a spontaneous aperitif.

Salt and ice

10 minutes

Put ice cubes in a bucket or sink, sprinkle generously with salt, and add ice-cold water. Professionals call this method «frapping.» It is important to rotate the bottle every few minutes so that the wine cools evenly.

Cloth and freezer

15 minutes

Wrap the bottle in a damp paper or cloth kitchen towel and place it in the freezer. It's best to set a timer so you don't accidentally freeze the bottle. It is recommended to gently swirl the bottle every 5 minutes.

Special kitchen utensils

20 minutes

There are cooling sleeves in all shapes and colors for sale, as well as special aerators with cooling rods. They don't cost much and are certainly a worthwhile purchase for wine fans. Both must be placed in the freezer early - preferably permanently.

Especially refreshing wines

White wines

The balanced

On the bottle it says «For heartfelt moments». We absolutely agree with that! The Chardonnay from our favorite winemaker combines Austrian down-to-earthness with tropical fruit. Simply irresistible!

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The opulent

Anything but just «black and white», because here is real white wine power in it. If you like it fresh and yet powerful, this Austrian cuvée of Chardonnay and Grüner Veltliner is just right.

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

Rosé wines

The summery

This is what summer tastes like when you put it in a bottle! Fresh citrus, peach, floral fragrance and a pinch of salt... Wölffer Estates is one of the leading producers of rosé wine. A feast for the palate and the eyes!

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The cheerful

The Luã is a paean to the relaxed life. Its fruity and floral notes combined with the freshness of a sea breeze take us away from everyday life.

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

Sparkling wines

The peak climber

Viva! When it gets too hot down in the city, we enjoy the freshness of our beautiful Swiss mountains. And as the perfect summit wine, we pack this Bünder sparkling wine in our backpacks.

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The Noble

This is how to cool down in style: the champagne from the renowned house of Jacquart gives freshness, seduces with a fruity-light taste and a pleasantly strong perlage. Santé!

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.