Non-alcoholic wines

Intoxicating even without alcohol

There are more and more people who want to live healthily and do without alcohol – and it's no longer just athletes, nutrition-conscious people and pregnant women. But hand on heart – saying «no» to a glass of wine is pretty hard. Why? Wine connects: A glass of champagne to celebrate a success or a fine wine as a virtuoso accompaniment to a feast are important social rituals for us.

Can you perhaps have your cake and eat it too? Health and ritual? The trend towards conscious enjoyment has also spurred the production of non-alcoholic wines. Thanks to innovative technologies and careful working methods, the quality of the products has improved massively in recent years. Nevertheless, these wines do not have the same intensity and complexity, because alcohol is an essential flavor carrier – roughly comparable to fat in cooking. Our recommendation for a good start to a relationship with non-alcoholic wine: don't compare it with your ex. Then you can definitely find happiness with these wines.

By the way, alcohol-free wine is allowed by law to contain up to 0.5% alcohol by volume. However, this is less alcohol than is in a very ripe banana. In addition, there are also so-called low-alcohol wines, which have a relatively low alcohol content.

Popular non-alcoholic wines

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