Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon is the undisputed market leader for champagne. Based in Épernay, the company stands for quality and luxury. With about 20% of the total champagne production, the house pleases millions of people worldwide year after year. Moët & Chandon is something like the origin and the future of champagne – and belongs to the champagne universe like the Eiffel Tower to Paris. The renowned house of Moët & Chandon was founded as early as 1743, but it only became famous in the third generation. Jean-Remy Moët, who took over the house in 1792 and made Moët great through strict quality controls and clever marketing. He tirelessly traveled the world to promote his products to the rich and famous of the time. This is how Moët Champagne became the first ever luxury brand. In addition, Jean-Remy Moët maintained a long-standing friendship with Napoleon Bonaparte, who made no secret of his fondness for champagne.

During his conquests, Napoleon always had a few cases of Moët in his luggage, so it can be said that the sparkling wine also conquered the world. The most legendary champagne of the house is the Brut Impérial, whose name, by the way, also goes back to Napoleon. Personalities such as Andy Warhol or Roger Federer and movies like Pretty Woman have contributed the rest, so that the Moët & Chandon Impérial became an icon over time. From the very beginning, the house was characterized by a pioneering spirit and bold ideas – and this remains the case today. In 2017, in fact, the Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial was launched. Created specifically to be enjoyed with ice cubes, the champagne is a true stroke of genius. The Ice Impérial is slightly higher dosed than conventional champagne, so it can be served with three ice cubes without losing flavor. Champagne on the rocks? Yes! Because the ice brings out the fruity flavor particularly intensively.

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