Wines for picnics

What could be more romantic than a summer picnic with your sweetheart? You've found the perfect spot, packed a nice wine and delicacies, and are looking forward to spending time together. Until you realize that you forgot the corkscrew. To make sure that doesn't happen to you, we recommend these high-quality wines with a practical screw cap for picnics.

The summery

This is what summer tastes like when you put it in a bottle! Fresh citrus, peach, floral fragrance and a pinch of salt... Wölffer Estates is one of the leading producers of rosé wine. The «Summer in a Bottle» is a feast for the palate and the eyes!

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The radiant man

Smelling beautiful to dive into, this Sauvignon Blanc from the traditional German winery von Winning. Wonderfully refreshing with flavors of lime, grapefruit and herbs. A lively white wine - ideal for picnics on the lawn by the lake.

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

Der Dynamische

With the «Grau.Weiẞ.Gut» Cuvée you will succeed in a detour to the young Germany. Fresh, tangy and cheerful - a prime example of the creativity of the new generation. The perfect picnic wine! Don't be surprised if you find yourself dancing through the day...

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The South French lady

Oui, oui, chérie... This rosé tastes fruity-fresh and sassy. It reminds you of the first date with your vacation sweetheart, back in the South of France... A mix of goosebumps and the sweetness of life. In short: a really great summer wine!

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The authentic one

Hannes Reeh presses wines as nature has created them. Or as he likes to say: «Wines without frills». He does without pure cultured yeasts and fining agents. A down-to-earth, fruit-driven wine for picnics in nature.

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.

The rascal

A Portuguese white wine that conquers palate and heart in no time: it is accessible with fresh citrus aromas and a pleasant fullness. A likeable rascal like the winemaker Oscar Quevedo, who is always open to jokes of all kinds.

Sorry, this wine is no longer available.