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Bottle of Siuralta Orange DO from Vins Nus

Siuralta Orange DO 2022 - Vins Nus

CHF143.70 for 6 bottles
  • 26.06.2024
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Item no. 1174308

Siuralta Orange DO 2022 - Vins Nus

About the wine

This provocative Grenache 2017 — Siuralta Orange DO crowns every festive meal with elegance and finesse. To get a feel for the barren landscape aesthetics in Catalonia, there is no way around this white wine, which the Spanish winery Vins Nus masters with a keen sense of texture. Culinary tip from Flaschenpöstler: This grenache is ideal with spicy food or spicy dishes.

Vins NusWhite wine | 75cl138°-10°CGrenache und Carignan ergeben einen Wein mit ganz besonderem Charakter.
Tasting note
On the nose, aromas of fresh oranges and tangerines. Diverse fruit aromas on the palate. Pleasant acidity, mouth-filling experience It is best not to drink too cold. It is advantageous to decant early. Very great class...
Culinary recommendation
Unsere Empfehlung: Trinken Sie diesen Weisswein bei leicht gekühlten 8°-10°C. Der Wein sollte in diesem Zeitraum genossen werden: Jetzt bis 2020. Von den Flaschenpöstlern empfohlen: Siuralta Orange DO harmoniert ausgezeichnet mit scharfem Essen, Gemüse und rotem Fleisch.
Clay and slate soils. Early harvest. Long maceration. Fermentation on the mash in small amphorae.
More information
Allergy information: Contains sulfites

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