These were our wines of the year 2021


The Swiss are particularly fond of wines made from the Primitivo grape variety. It got its name not because of uncivilized drinking, but because of its ability to ripen early. This explains the high sugar content, which leads to the much-loved combination of heaviness and sweetness.


What's driving the wine world this year? What is currently on the wine lists of the world's hottest wine bars? We've tracked down the trends and selected some highly recommended wines for you. Have you ever tried orange wine or non-alcoholic red wine? Now's the time!

Winemaking geniuses

These winemakers are strong personalities with special visions and stories. They go their own ways and create unique wines. We have portrayed them in our Flaschenpost magazine, here you can learn more about these extraordinary people.


Choosing wine by its appearance is a no-go? Not at all! Because the better we like the label, the better we like the wine. An American study has scientifically confirmed this. With these wines, you're guaranteed to cause a stir – both when serving and when giving as a gift.

Flaschenpost favorites

Wines should be like good friends: sociable, reliable and with character. Sometimes it happens that a wine is just perfect for a particular person. Some of us at Flaschenpost have found their doppelganger in wine form. Will one of these wines also suit you?

Award winner

Would you like to have a wine with high ratings in your glass for once? These five must-haves have received many points from notable critics, yet don't cost too much and taste simply wonderful. Who scores the highest with you? The elegant Rioja, the classic Chianti, or the charming Sicilian?

Secret tips

There is so much to discover in the big, wide world of wine. Especially in unknown regions or in new wineries, you can sometimes find true value-for-money wonders. These five wines are our discoveries of the year. …They totally convinced us during the tasting.

Public favorites

These wines were bought particularly often last year and have received very good ratings in our web store. Hundreds of satisfied customers are the most reliable guarantee of enjoyment. So with these top sellers you'll never go wrong.


These are our novelties of the year. At Flaschenpost, a new wine enters the store every hour on average. We taste particularly promising newcomers as a team. These five came, were tasted and won. You should definitely get to know them!