L'Empereur2018- Château La Louvière

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  • 25.10.2022
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About the wine

The proud ruler of the Domaine La Louvière pack. Selected grapes from the best locations result in a wine that deserves the name top cuvée. Fat, velvety, smoky, berry, earthy, uncompromising, great!

The playful aromas of red plum, clove and prune express a lot of character with a very unique structure. Afterwards, the playful nuances of strawberry and pepper reveal their own character. That will be remembered: Its flawless ruby red gives every occasion an extravagant touch. With subdued, pleasantly developed tannins, a medium-strong body and dominant acidity, this red wine shows its flawless texture.
Flaschenpost team tip: Goes perfectly with ravioli, curry and lamb.
14 months of new barrique.

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