La Sabina

La Sabina2014- Las Moradas de San Martin

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  • 02.06.2023
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About the wine

With the provocative Grenache 2010 — La Sabina, nuances and accents are redefined. The wine-growing regions of the Spanish winery Las Moradas de San Martin stretch across the landscapes of Meseta, where the experienced winemaker produces this red wine. Culinary tip from Flaschenpost team: This grenache can be served very well with burgers with blue cheese or spicy food.

Las Moradas de San MartinRed wine   | 75clSpain,   Meseta1516°-18°CGarnacha
La Sabina
Very lively on the palate with notes of herbs and wild berries, characteristic of this typical grape variety of the Sierra de Gredos. An elegant wine, characterized by the warm weather as well as by the rustic, slightly salty and mineral tones of the grape variety, which can be attributed to the granite soil. This wine captures the essence of the Garnacha vine of this dry terroir with its vineyards over sixty years old in the most natural and respectful way possible.
Goes well with grilled meats or fried fish.
After destemming, fermentation takes place for three weeks on grape's own yeasts with temperature control and minimal intervention to preserve the aroma and avoid extractions. After completion of the lactic acid fermentation (also with its own bacteria), the wine is aged for 10-16 months (14 months on average) in French oak barrels with a capacity of 500 liters. Bottling without fining, filtration and sulfite addition.

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