Odé D'Aydie AOC Pacherenc-du-vic-Bilh

Odé D'Aydie AOC Pacherenc-du-vic-Bilh2020- Famille Laplace

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  • 08.12.2022
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About the wine

Give yourself and your guests joy for the senses with the first-class Odé D'Aydie AOC Pacherenc-du-vic-Bilh from 2020! The winemaker from the French winery Famille Laplace grows this wine in the landscape of the Southwest.

Famille LaplaceWhite wine   | 75clFrance,   Southwest13.59°CPetit Manseng, Gros Manseng
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Odé D'Aydie AOC Pacherenc-du-vic-Bilh
Intense yellow, fresh exotic fruits such as grapefruit, citrus, passion fruit and pineapple on the nose. The specialty from the South-West is complex, fresh and well-structured on the palate - a discovery among the great white wines of France!
Goes well with hearty fish dishes of all kinds, Asian cuisine and veal in various variations.

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