Pulp Fiction No. 10

Pulp Fiction No. 102020- Weingut Machherndl

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  • 22.08.2022
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About the wine

The weird challenge for wine freaks & beer lovers — not even Quentin Tarantino could invent this likeable crazy script: 50/50 Frühroter Veltliner & Yellow Muscat, mash fermented & unfiltered. Naturally gloomy first scene with the fruity-hoppy conciseness of a bright IPA, elderflower, nutmeg, popcorn, the exciting movie night can begin! Brutally honest in the mouth too, juicy, spicy apple basket with Braeburn & Cox orange, subtle cinnamon-like sweetness, mate tea, light miso paste, salted almonds. The raw power of Butch Coolidge, congenially tamed by Mia Wallace's flirtatious elegance, with a cheeky-frivolous pinch of Pumpkin & Honey Bunny. Orange wine comme il faut. The wine No. 1 for the film, cult potential.

Weingut MachherndlWhite wine   | 75clAustria,   Lower Austria12.58°-12°CEarly Red Veltliner, Yellow Muscat, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)
Pulp Fiction No. 10
Fermented herbal soda, ginger beer, dried Greek mountain herbs, chrysanthemum, mate tea, apple meets ripe pear to the cider duo. Individual aromas wonderfully balanced with hoppy, grape-like freshness and lemon-sweet coolness. nutmeg, curry leaf, apricot, orange marzipan and wormwood.
Goes well with aperitifs and fine vegetable cuisine, light fish dishes and not sweet desserts.
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