Qubba Etna Rosso DOC

Qubba Etna Rosso DOC2019- Monteleone

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  • 08.12.2022
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About the wine

With experience and intuition, the winemaker from the Italian winery Monteleone masters this red wine in the blooming and fertile landscape of Sicily. If we can offer something special for Christmas 2021, it's this powerful Nerello 2018 — Qubba Etna Rosso DOC. Flaschenpost team promises a culinary experience if you offer this nerello with beef goulash or Sicilian pasta dishes.

MonteleoneRed wine   | 75clItaly,   SicilyNerello mascalese, Nerello cappucccio
Raffaele Vecchione: 93/100
Qubba Etna Rosso DOC
The aromas of the Qubba Etna Rosso DOC of leather, cinnamon and clove express a lot of complexity with a very unique structure. Afterwards, the refreshing nuances of wild strawberry and black cherry reveal their own character. That stays in the memory: Its flawless ruby red gives every occasion a special touch. A red wine with a light body and dominant acidity, which develops its complex structure pleasantly with finely developed tannins on the tongue and palate.
Flaschenpost team tip: Qubba Etna Rosso DOC goes perfectly with beef goulash and Sicilian pasta dishes.

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