Collective orders

What is a collective order?

A collective order allows you to send wine from our 24-hour collection to several different recipients in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You will receive just one invoice. Ideal for Christmas, corporate, or promotional gifts, as well as virtual wine tastings.

Place a collective order here

To place a collective order, please complete the «Contacts» tab (as per the example) in the Excel-File, and send the file (including your billing address and contact details) by email to If you have questions or need assistance, we’ll be happy to help.

To find the item number of the wine (for the Excel file), simply look up the wine on the website. The item number is located in the box showing the wine rating – below the wine rating and next to the "Add to favorites" option.

Which wines can I choose for a collective order?

Collective orders can only contain wines from our 24-hour assortment.

Can I send personalized greeting cards to the recipients in my collective order?

Yes, you can send personalized greeting cards to up to 20 recipients (limit: 200 characters (including spaces) per message).

Standard greeting cards (without personalization) can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients.

Flaschenpost greeting card:

Flaschenpost greeting card

If you would like to send your own greeting cards to the recipients in your order, these cards must reach our warehouse at least three (3) business days before the requested delivery date of your order. Delivery address: Flaschenpost Services AG, z.Hd. Herr Damian Scheibli, Riedwiesenstrasse 23, 8305 Dietlikon, Switzerland. Please sort the cards in the same order as the recipients in your completed Excel sheet. The cards should also be labeled so they can be paired with the right package. Please let us know beforehand if you’re sending your own greeting cards to our warehouse.

Attention: The greeting card may be slightly bent inside boxes containing a single bottle of wine.

Do you offer quantity discounts for collective orders?

No, we do not offer quantity discounts as each package is shipped separately.

How much does a collective order cost?

You will be charged for the selected wines and any gift packaging. You will also be charged CHF 9.90 per package for shipping. If a single package contains more than CHF 99 in wine, then you will not be charged shipping for this package. All the shipments in a collective order are clearly listed on the invoice.

How can I pay for a collective order?

Collective orders can only be paid by invoice.