Tandris Merlot Riserva Ticino DOC

Tandris Merlot Riserva Ticino DOC2016- Guido Brivio

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  • 06.10.2022
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About the wine

With the provocative red wine 2015 — Tandris Merlot Riserva Ticino DOC, nuances and accents are redefined. The landscape of Ticino is hilly and mountainous, whose fascinating expanses don't fit on a postcard, but in a bottle. With a lot of feeling and experience, the winemaker from the Swiss winery Guido Brivio ensures that his craft inspires and convinces you. Culinary tip from Flaschenpöstler: This Merlot can be served very well with duck or slightly spicy, red meat.

Tandris Merlot Riserva Ticino DOC
Color: Intense ruby, striking purple reflections. Aromas: Rich, intense and persistent bouquet, notes of black berry, warm roasted aromas such as liquorice, black chocolate and cinnamon, new leather with a varietal, vegetal touch. Body: Long start, lively, well-integrated acidity, seductive, sweet-looking fruit, juicy, balanced and long on the finish. Quality: A very complex Merlot with a very long finish and excellent aging potential.
Red meat, game, well-stored hard cheese.

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