Trilogie No.2 - Rosé Blaufränkisch Qualitätswein

Trilogie No.2 - Rosé Blaufränkisch Qualitätswein2021- Günter + Regina Triebaumer

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  • 06.10.2022
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About the wine

The Triebaumer family has been based in the free city of Rust since 1691. Wine and viticulture have a long tradition in our family association. We — Günter and Regina Triebaumer and — have gone the indirect path, looked around the wide wine world and constantly learned something new. As a consequence, we want to take a cosmopolitan, modern and future-oriented path. It is important to have tradition. And that in the sense of learning and not in conservation efforts. So we take our history, our locations and our unique surroundings as a benchmark and turn them into well-structured, characterful wines typical of Burgenland. We work in an open and informative way, close to nature and sensibly. Our messages are clear and simple. We currently cultivate 25 hectares in very good Ruster vineyards. The wine market and the friends of our wines help determine where we will develop in the future.

Günter + Regina TriebaumerRosé wine   | 75clAustria12.58°-12°CBlaufränkisch
Now until 2026
Trilogie No.2 - Rosé Blaufränkisch Qualitätswein
Clear, bright, strong raspberry rosé, purple lilac blossom, gentian, juicy peach and firm banana, rosehip puree, raspberries with a hint of fresh mint, ripe strawberries, semi-dry, animating acidity, elegant melting with dancing fruit sweetness, dewy Williams pear
Goes well with aperitifs, salmon and sheep cheese.
Steel tank

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