Gift guide

You want to gift someone wine? Good idea! A nice bottle of wine is always well received - especially if you hit the mark with your choice. On this page you will find the right gift for friends and acquaintances even without wine knowledge. Gifting wine has never been so easy!

For whom are you looking for the right wine?


The elegant mother in law

You want to give a wine that expresses elegance and style? When it comes to proving taste, you're sure to get it right with the following wines. These wines have finesse and set unique accents in terms of aromatics.


The artist uncle

Those who are open to new taste or visual impressions are guaranteed to enjoy these three wines. As unique and different as these noble drops are, what they have in common is the pursuit of exceptional quality.


The demanding wine connoisseur

The good thing about being a wine connoisseur is that you certainly know what to please him with. But which wine to choose? If you’re looking for the big names in wine, you’re in the right place. We'll tell you which wines impress not only with their origin, but also with their taste.


The helpful neighbor

A wine is a very grateful gift. Just like flowers or chocolates, a bottle of wine is always a good choice as a small gift. Especially if you choose true all-rounders that make pretty much everyone happy. These wines have been top sellers with us for years and offer a lot of drinking fun for little money.


Your sister’s new boyfriend

If you don't know someone's taste in wine that well, but still want to give something of great value, these three tried-and-true wines are recommended. When it comes to price-pleasure ratio, these top sellers can't be beat. You're sure to get the recognition.


The hipster colleague

Anyone who enjoys a glass of wine between yoga class, vegan cooking class, and climate strike should be thrilled with these three recommendations. They are produced sustainably and not too far away, look cool and are also a revelation in terms of taste. Namaste!