Zweigelt Neusiedlersee DAC

Zweigelt Neusiedlersee DAC2019- Weingut Horvath

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About the wine

The winemaker from the Austrian Weingut Horvath has absolutely mastered his craft. Elegance and finesse are the characteristics of this red wine, which originates in the picturesque landscape of Burgenland. The striking Blaufränkisch 2017 — Zweigelt Neusiedlersee DAC is the missing piece of the puzzle in your wine rack. Flaschenpöstler promises a culinary experience if you offer this Blaufränkisch with steak or pasta with porcini mushrooms.

Weingut HorvathRed wine   | 75clAustria,   Burgenland13.516°CBlaufränkisch
Now until 2026Vegan
Zweigelt Neusiedlersee DAC
Dark ruby garnet with purple hues. Delicate plum-cherry scent slightly underlaid with blackberry. Hearty substance with a well-balanced fruit game of cherry and strawberry jam, already very harmonious, is a lot of drinking pleasure.
Goes well with dumplings, breaded cutlets, meatballs and braised meatballs.
The vineyard where the grapes for this fine Zweigelt are harvested is located in Heideboden, a flat location on the plain facing Lake Neusiedl. Originally, this grape variety was called Rotburger. The name Zweigelt first appeared in 1975 in honor of its producer, Dr. Fritz Zweigelt. The characteristics of the young wines, which were made from Zweigelt grapes, are expressed by the typical taste of bird cherry. The red-shelled grape is also known as Klosterneuburg, because this grape variety was bred by Dr. Zweigelt at the Oenological Research Institute in Klosterneuburg. The successful cross between Blaufränkisch x St. Laurent is very common in Austria and is also cultivated in Germany and England. The Zweigelt grapes are used to produce wines of warm fruit, full-bodied and with an inviting acidity of 5.0 g/l.

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