Bock auf Schaffhausen Riesling-Sylvaner

Bock auf Schaffhausen Riesling-Sylvaner2021- GVS Schachenmann

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  • 06.10.2022
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About the wine

A wine that unites the entire canton. Grapes from preferred locations on the Rhine from Klettgau and Reiat bring the taste of our small northern Swiss tip to this bottle and make the mood for Schaffhausen!

GVS SchachenmannWhite wine   | 75clSwitzerland,   Schaffhausen12.57°-11°CRiesling Sylvaner
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Bock auf Schaffhausen Riesling-Sylvaner
Refreshing aromas of fruit and citrus with a touch of exoticism
Goes well with aperitifs and light meals
Gentle pressing at low fermentation temperature

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