Chardonnay "Karma" Monterey MO

Chardonnay "Karma" Monterey MO2020- Viña Robles

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  • 28.09.2023
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About the wine

The winemaker from the US-American winery Viña Robles grows this wine in the countryside. This dominant white wine 2016 — Chardonnay "Karma" Monterey MO crowns every festive meal with elegance and finesse. Flaschenpost team promises a culinary experience if you offer this Chardonnay with soft cheese or truffles.

Viña RoblesWhite wine   | 75clUSA14100% Chardonnay
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Chardonnay "Karma" Monterey MO
The refreshing bouquet of Chardonnay “Karma” Monterey MO of passion fruit, peach and almond skilfully flirts with your sense of smell. Next, playful nuances of lemon, lime and apple will resolutely and consciously convince your senses of taste. Its noble amber yellow ensures a good mood at the table. You won't find this color in any color palette. A fruity white wine with a slender body and dominant acidity, which develops its individual structure on the tongue and palate.
Goes well with aperitifs, grilled fish, seafood, chicken dishes and vegetables.
Steel tank maturation and partial maturation for several months in used barrique barrels

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