Chardonnay Pössnitz

Chardonnay Pössnitz2019- Erwin Sabathi

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  • 28.09.2023
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About the wine

With the dominant white wine 2015 — Chardonnay Pössnitz, you can offer your family and friends something very special. To get a feel for the mountainous and hilly landscape beauty, there is no way around this white wine, which the Austrian winery Erwin Sabathi masters with a keen sense of texture. Culinary tip from Flaschenpost team: This Chardonnay is ideal to be served with truffles or asparagus.

Erwin SabathiWhite wine   | 75clAustria,   Steiermark13The fruity Chardonnay gives this wine its individual character. The refreshing notes of passion fruit and lemon make for the playful taste.
Chardonnay Pössnitz
That stays in the memory: Its attractive amber yellow first pleases the eye and then the mind. Chardonnay Pössnitz's refreshing bouquet of passion fruit, peach and almond skilfully plays with your sense of smell. Next, refreshing nuances of lemon, lime and apple will decisively and consciously convince your taste buds. Slim body and dominant acidity result in the fruity white wine, which shows plenty of character and class in the mouth.
Flaschenpost team tip: Chardonnay Pössnitz goes perfectly with soft cheese, goat cheese and poultry.

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