Negroamaro/Zinfandel In Me

Negroamaro/Zinfandel In Me2021- Monte Porzio

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  • 14.10.2022
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About the wine

The winemaker from the Italian winery Monte Porzio masters this red wine with sensitivity and intuition in the sunny and fertile landscape in Puglia. With this distinctive red wine 2021 — Negroamaro/Zinfandel In Me, the term taste takes on a new meaning. Flaschenpöstler tip: Combine this Negroamaro with dumplings or venison goulash.

Monte PorzioRed wine   | 75clItaly,   Puglia15Negroamaro, Zinfandel
Negroamaro/Zinfandel In Me
The Negroamaro/Zinfandel In Me scent spectrum of spices plays virtuously with your sense of smell. Afterwards, refreshing nuances of black plum and red plum will resolutely and consciously convince your taste buds. Its chic crimson is the icing on the cake for any special occasion. Your guests will confirm it. A red wine with a powerful body and distinctive acidity, which unfolds its complex structure in a balanced way with finely developed tannins on the tongue and palate.
Flaschenpöstler tip: Negroamaro/Zinfandel In Me goes perfectly with venison goulash, pasta bolognese and salsiccia.

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