Rubeno Lagrein DOC

Rubeno Lagrein DOC2021- Kellerei Andrian

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  • 07.10.2022
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About the wine

With the delicious Rubeno Lagrein DOC from 2017, you will positively surprise your guests. Fertile and blooming landscapes give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Italian winery Kellerei Andrian conjures up this red wine with refinement and sensitivity.

Kellerei AndrianRed wine   | 75clItaly13.515°-17°CLagrein
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Rubeno Lagrein DOC
It is the mix of berry aromas (blackberry, blueberry), elderberry, cherries and floral notes, paired with sweetish-exotic spices, that is convincing in the bouquet. The fruity structure and the full-bodied, full-bodied body combine to create a sustainable whole, which pleases in the rather long-lasting finale.
Goes well with game, raw ham, bacon, beef, hard cheese.
Aged for six months in large barrels

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