Saletta Riccardi IGT

Saletta Riccardi IGT2016- Fattoria Villa Saletta

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  • 05.12.2022
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About the wine

Blooming and fertile landscapes of Tuscany give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Italian winery Fattoria Villa Saletta conjures up this red wine with refinement and experience. Christmas 2021 is just around the corner! Make the most of it with this snappy Sangiovese 2016 — Saletta Riccardi IGT! Culinary tip from Flaschenpost team: This Sangiovese can be served very well with pizza or beef.

Gerstl: 19/20
Saletta Riccardi IGT
Saletta Riccardi IGT's distinctive bouquet of black pepper, spices and tobacco skilfully plays with your sense of smell. Afterwards, fruity nuances of red plum, strawberry and fig will resolutely and consciously convince your senses of taste. That stays in the memory: Its noble ruby red gives every occasion a special touch. A red wine with a strong body and outstanding acidity, which unfolds its lively structure with rich tannins on the tongue and palate.
Flaschenpost team recommends this Saletta Riccardi IGT to accompany pasta, lamb and beef.

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