St. Saphorin Pinot-Noir AOC

St. Saphorin Pinot-Noir AOC2019- Jean-Michel Conne

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  • 22.08.2022
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About the wine

Sunny and fertile landscapes of Vaud give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Swiss winery Jean-Michel Conne conjures up this red wine with refinement and experience. The dominant Pinot Noir 2015 — St. Saphorin Pinot-Noir AOC is the missing piece of the puzzle in your wine rack. The Flaschenpöstler guarantees a culinary experience when you serve this Pinot Noir with cheese or red meat.

Jean-Michel ConneRed wine   | 75clSwitzerland,   Waadt13100% Pinot Noir/Blauburgunder
Now until 2023
St. Saphorin Pinot-Noir AOC
The aromas of St. Saphorin Pinot-Noir AOC of mushrooms and caramel candy express a lot of finesse with a very individual structure. Afterwards, the refreshing nuances of raspberry, cherry and vanilla reveal their own character. A fruity red wine with a medium-strong body and dominant acidity, which unfolds its complex structure in a balanced way with finely developed tannins on the tongue and palate.
Charcuterie, cheese, poultry dishes, veal breast, vegetables tart, grilled fish
Steel tank

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