Black Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

Black Smith Cabernet Sauvignon2019- Langmeil

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  • 13.10.2022
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About the wine

In 1842, a 32-year-old blacksmith, Christian Auricht, came from Prussia with his wife and four children. He settled in the new hamlet of Langmeil and built a Blacksmith's shop. This was to become the commercial center of the village. His original shop is still a cultural heritage of the winery today. The foundation stone of the Lindner family in Australia was laid by Johann Gottlob Lindner and his wife Maria Rosine John, who came from Silesia to the coast of South Australia in 1845 to settle in the Barossa Valley. The Barossa has something very special about it. You can feel it in the landscape, the people, the food and the wine. It is a beautiful region with villages, vineyards and farms. The Barossans are famous for their generous hospitality, their love of a shared table, and their passion for local food and wine. Festivals, festivals, markets and music are held here all year round. Barossa is the greatest pleasure of living in a unique place. Wine and viticulture have also been part of the Barossa way of life since 1842. Today, Barossa is home to more than 550 winegrowers, many of whom are still in their sixth generation working on the same property and delivering their quality grapes to more than 170 wine companies. Including Langmail. Langmeil has also been part of the Barossa landscape since 1842, i.e. from the very beginning. The current owner Richard Lindner and his wife Shirley Della-Mina form the 5th Lindner generation. All ancestors were in the butcher's trade or small goods manufacturers. In addition, a small farm was often practiced to set the table every day. In 1996, it was Richard Lindner's decision that grape cultivation should not remain a backyard business. Together with two local colleagues, he bought the abandoned Langmeil property. Today, sons Paul and James are also in the starting blocks and are committed to the legacy as guardians of the Langmeil Winery. What is the family's recipe for success? It's probably the combination of Richard's Silesian origin and Shirley's Italian dowry. Hard work and community spirit are at the heart of this family's work ethics. In addition, the undeniable love for food, wine, family and friends. The aim in the vineyard and in the winery is to produce extraordinary things. Wines that are among the best in the world, wines that everyone can afford.

LangmeilRed wine   | 75clAustralia,   South Australia14.516°-18°C100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Black Smith Cabernet Sauvignon
Color: Deep crimson with purple hues. Aroma: Lots of dark berries, from blueberries, blackberries to black currants, dark olives and black pepper. A hint of cedar, licorice and sweet spice, which will intensify as it ripens. Taste: A lot of lively berry fruit on the palate too, full-bodied, dense and well-structured. Fruit, spice and ripe tannins meet in the finale. A wine with great presence time on the palate!
Recommended by Flaschenpöstlern: Black Smith Cabernet Sauvignon goes perfectly with ribeye steak, pizza with mushrooms and Gruyère burgers.
21 months in French oak, 15% new

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