Geo Chardonnay Colli Aprutin IGT

Geo Chardonnay Colli Aprutin IGT2018- Diubaldo

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  • 25.08.2022
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About the wine

The Abruzzo region in central Italy was rather negative in the headlines for a long time as far as the wines there are concerned. The wines produced were meaningless and expressionless, as the yields were far too high. However, the main grape varieties Montepulciano and Trebbiano can produce completely different wines if yields are limited. And that's exactly what the Diubaldo family thought, which has owned vineyards for a long time, but has mainly been active in the fashion industry for the last three decades. After careful consideration, they decided to sell the company and focus on the wine — a very good decision! In the meantime, the son is also working as an oenologist and the two generations harmonize perfectly. Since the family was mainly with fashion, you also have a completely different approach to wine, because you don't feel committed to any tradition and uncompromising quality thinking shapes winemaking! The result is exclusively varietal wines, which are produced from the grape varieties Trebbiano, Pecorino, Chardonnay and Montepulciano. The wines are aromatic, mineral, spicy, profound, fruity and leave nothing to be desired. In addition, the wines shine with their special labels, which are made from fabric. Here, you benefit from the experience gained in the fashion industry and the labels are of course produced in-house! The family is a great example of what you are capable of when you think outside the box and look at various things from a different angle — tradition and modernity are so easy to combine...

DiubaldoWhite wine   | 75clItaly12.58°-10°CChardonnay
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Geo Chardonnay Colli Aprutin IGT
Sparkling light yellow, spicy, exotic, distinct, fresh, dry, fruity, juicy, powerful body, cool fruity finish.
Goes well with cheese, aperitifs, veal, fish, cold starters.
Steel tank

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