Les Guillembergs Premier Pinot Gris Neuchatel AOC

Les Guillembergs Premier Pinot Gris Neuchatel AOC2020- Grillette Domaine De Cressier

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  • 05.10.2023
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About the wine

With experience and intuition, the winemaker from the Swiss Domaine Cressier winery in the fertile countryside of Neuchâtel masters this white wine. If you want to surprise a wine connoisseur, then with this powerful white wine 2015 — Les Guillembergs Premier Pinot Gris Neuchatel AOC! Flaschenpöstler tip: Combine this Pinot Gris with ceviche or fresh vegetables.

Les Guillembergs Premier Pinot Gris Neuchatel AOC
Color: Dense gold with typical amber shimmer, varietal. Aroma: Sweet bouquet of ripe exotic fruits such as carambola, mango, quince and honey, hint of candied apricots, floral nuance, delicate, vegetal after young rind. Body: Substantial start, lively acidity, dense and creamy, seductive sweetness, present palate aromas (exotic, dried figs, stone fruits), distinctive minerality. Quality: An all-round delicious dining experience.
It goes well with poultry as well as stuffed quails, fried veal medallions and ripe soft cheese.

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