Les Palins Vernissage Malbec Neuchatel VdP

Les Palins Vernissage Malbec Neuchatel VdP2020- Grillette Domaine De Cressier

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  • 08.12.2022
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About the wine

A must for connoisseurs, this distinctive red wine 2016 — Les Palins Vernissage Malbec Neuchatel VdP! Fertile landscapes in Neuchâtel give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Swiss winery Grillette Domaine De Cressier conjures up this red wine with refinement and experience. Culinary tip from Flaschenpost team: This Malbec is ideal to be served with barbecues or burgers.

Les Palins Vernissage Malbec Neuchatel VdP
Deep garnet red with a black core. Ripened aromatic experience, blackberry, blueberries, pickled sour cherries, peppery, delicate animal scent of leather, fine roasty-smoky notes, marked ageing. Long, soft drink, dry, strong body, full-bodied and dense on the palate with present ripe notes, cassis, licorice, seductive, pleasant fruit. Has great potential due to the density, fullness and strong body.
Goes well with rack of lamb with herb crust in a red wine sauce, roast beef with Maltese sauce, beef medallion and fully ripe cheese.

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