LL Chardonnay unwooded

LL Chardonnay unwooded2020- Leopard's Leap

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  • 08.12.2022
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About the wine

This dominant white wine 2020 — LL Chardonnay unwooded is in the truest sense of the word a triumph to the last drop! With experience and intuition, the winemaker from the South African winery Leopard's Leap masters this white wine in the fertile and magnificent landscape of the coastal region. The Flaschenpost team guarantees a culinary experience when you offer this Chardonnay with fish with herbs or truffles.

Leopard's LeapWhite wine   | 75clSouth Africa,   Coastal Region13.5100% Chardonnay
LL Chardonnay unwooded
Fresh and zesty with citrus notes and a hint of elegant aromas of pears, shortbread cookies and limes. The rounded palate reveals aromas of ripe melon and lemon peel, accompanied by beautiful biscuit nuances that leave a lingering aftertaste.
Goes well with shell noodles, fish pies, lightly cooked shellfish and brie cheese.
A surprisingly sumptuous medium-bodied Chardonnay with unforested wood, made in the New World style.

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