Siuralta Orange DO

Siuralta Orange DO2021- Vins Nus

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  • 05.06.2023
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About the wine

This provocative Grenache 2017 — Siuralta Orange DO crowns every festive meal with elegance and finesse. To get a feel for the barren landscape aesthetics in Catalonia, there is no way around this white wine, which the Spanish winery Vins Nus masters with a keen sense of texture. Culinary tip from Flaschenpost team: This grenache is excellent to serve with spicy food or spicy dishes.

Vins NusWhite wine   | 75clSpain,   Catalonia138°-10°CCarignan Blanc, Grenache, Malmsey
Siuralta Orange DO
On the nose, aromas of fresh oranges and tangerines. A wide range of fruit aromas on the palate. Pleasant acidity, mouth-filling experience. It is advantageous not to drink too cool. It is advantageous to decant early. Very great class...
Our recommendation: Drink this white wine at slightly chilled 8°-10°C. The wine should be enjoyed during this period: Now until 2020. Recommended by Flaschenpöstlern: Siuralta Orange DO goes well with spicy food, vegetables and red meat.
Clay and slate soils. Early harvest. Long maceration. Fermentation on the mash in small amphorae.

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