Arbois Pupillin Melon à Queue Rouge AOC

Arbois Pupillin Melon à Queue Rouge AOC2020- Domaine de la Pinte

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  • 28.09.2023
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About the wine

Courageously, with a location (14 ha, La Pinte à la Capitaine) and one grape variety (Savagnin), Roger Martin started in 1953 in Arbois, the center of winegrowing in the Jura. And it continued so courageously under son Piere Martin, who expanded to 34 ha and converted to biodynamic viticulture in 2009. You smell it, you taste it. Captivating wines have enough of everything, nothing too much, and that certain something: finesse, aroma, structure, harmony, and: character. Each wine is a discovery, great soloists and food companions. Extraordinary, outstanding natural wines, no beasts, untamed beauty!

Domaine de la PinteWhite wine   | 75clFrance,   Jura13.5100% Melon à Queue Rouge
Arbois Pupillin Melon à Queue Rouge AOC
Stone fruit - literally. Even when you smell them, ripe yellow sweetish-creamy fruits, even pineapples, so delicious, and just stone, lime, sometimes more one, sometimes more the other, always one, together, harmonious tension. On the palate, the first impression is so smooth, a flattering touch, the bright and yellow ripe fruit, you think, yet it is a solid limestone, pure presence of minerality, and fresh veins, the delicate acidity that continues to the end. Just like that - grapes and terroir in harmony. It's great how grape variety and soil work together!
Selective reading by hand. Temperature-controlled fermentation with the vineyard's own yeasts, malolactic fermentation, aging and aging in large oak barrels for 22 months. Only very light filtration, low sulphurization.

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