Pinot Noir G-Stück

Pinot Noir G-Stück2018- Weingut Hiedler

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  • 05.06.2023
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About the wine

Strictly selected by hand at the end of September. The whole grape, with stalk frame, is processed. Fermented in small open fermentation vats. One part is mashed, the other part remains untouched (the berries ferment in their own skin; intercellular). In the course of the fading fermentation, whole grapes are repeatedly pressed manually. Pressed off after 2 weeks. Final fermentation and maturation for several months on the fine yeast in small used oak barrels. Spontaneous biological acid degradation. This wine was bottled unfiltered. Minimal addition of sulfur. Limited to 400 bottles. Bottled in autumn 2018, at high atmospheric pressure and the increasing phase of the moon.

Weingut HiedlerRed wine   | 75clAustria,   Lower Austria1315°CWeissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)
Pinot Noir G-Stück
A finely drawn redberry core, cranberries, cool raspberry notes, then some exotic cherries, pomegranate. Spicy, earthy herbal notes, nori and purple flowers. The palate is characterized by succinct aromas of cranberries, bright red cherries and Mediterranean herbs, which are wrapped in layers of fresh and polished tannins. Gentle and calmly flowing finale. Lively and grounded at the same time.
Goes well with white meat, grilled fish dishes and hard cheeses.
12 months in new and used barriques.

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