Pita Finca La Bonera

Pita Finca La Bonera2020- Bodega Verderrubi

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  • 06.10.2022
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About the wine

With the founding of the pure white wine D.O. Rueda, the triumph of a grape began, which until then was virtually unknown. The Verdejo grape is native to the area that stretches north of the Duero across the province of Valladolid and small parts of Avila and Segovia. It accounts for almost half of the existing vineyard area. Named after the small village, the D.O. has one of the best infrastructures in the country in terms of cellar technology. Experienced oenologist Emilio Pita cultivates 27 hectares of vineyards on his family business, which are mainly planted with Verdejo. The cultivation takes place close to nature.

Bodega VerderrubiRed wine   | 75clSpain1415°-17°CTempranillo
Now until 2027Bio
Pita Finca La Bonera
Animating color with shine A lot of fruit and subtle spices on the nose. Very fine structure and texture on the palate, juicy and fresh. Sticks well at the end.
Goes well with Spanish cuisine and paella.
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