Château Le Gay AC

Château Le Gay AC2019- Château Le Gay

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About the wine

This Merlot draws its strength and energy from the gravelly, calcareous soils north and east of the Gironde and Dordogne. The winemaker from the French winery Château Le Gay transforms it into a real treat with great emotion. The provocative Merlot 2006 — Château Le Gay AC is the missing piece of the puzzle in your wine rack. Culinary tip from Flaschenpöstler: This Merlot can be served very well with duck or slightly spicy, red meat.

Château Le GayRed wine   | 75clFrance,   Bordeaux15The fine variety of this wine is created by the harmonious combination of Merlot and Cabernet Franc.
Robert Parker: 95/100, James Suckling: 97/100, René Gabriel: 96/100
Château Le Gay AC
A fruity red wine with a strong body and distinctive acidity, which unfolds its complex structure in a balanced way with finely developed tannins on the tongue and palate.
Flaschenpöstler recommends this Château Le Gay AC to accompany duck, slightly spicy red meat and poultry. Our recommendation: The perfect drinking temperature for the red wine is a slightly chilled 16°-18°C. The recommended enjoyment phase of this wine is in the following period: 5-15 years.

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