Sautevigne Mont-sur-Rolle AOC

Sautevigne Mont-sur-Rolle AOC- Waadt Verschiedene

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  • 06.10.2022
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About the wine

If you want to surprise a wine connoisseur, then with this dominant Chasselas — Sautevigne Mont-sur-Rolle AOC! The winemaker from the Swiss winery Waadt Verschiedene has absolutely mastered his craft. Style and finesse are the characteristics of this white wine, which originates in the fertile and beautiful landscape of Vaud. The Flaschenpöstler guarantees a culinary experience when you offer these Chasselas with poultry or cheese platters.

Sautevigne Mont-sur-Rolle AOC
Sautevigne Mont-sur-Rolle AOC's bouquet of flowers and herbs skillfully plays with your sense of smell. Afterwards, refreshing nuances of grapefruit, honey and lime will resolutely and consciously convince your taste buds. Light body and dominant acidity result in the white wine, which shows a lot of character and class in the mouth.
Flaschenpöstler recommends this Sautevigne Mont-sur-Rolle AOC for cheese platters, aperitifs and terrines.

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