Stamm's Nr. 6 - Cabernets / Merlot

Stamm's Nr. 6 - Cabernets / Merlot2018- Stamm Weinbau

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  • 15.06.2023
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About the wine

With the delicious Stamm's Nr. 6 - Cabernets / Merlot from 2014, you will positively surprise your friends. You can describe the landscape in Schaffhausen with words like hilly. However, the Swiss winery Stamm Weinbau is trying to express the beauty of its home country with this red wine. We think he succeeded!

Stamm WeinbauRed wine   | 75clSwitzerland,   SchaffhausenCabernets, Merlot
Stamm's Nr. 6 - Cabernets / Merlot
Elegant fruit notes, especially of dark berries, combined with spicy notes. Voluptuous and long-lasting on the palate.
In used Schaffhausen oak barriques

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