Syrah IGP

Syrah IGP2016- Zymé di Celestino Gaspari

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  • 05.06.2023
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About the wine

Blooming and fertile landscapes in Veneto give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Italian winery Zymé di Celestino Gaspari conjures up this red wine with refinement and sensitivity. There is always something left over from Christmas dinner. Do you know that? Why not invite your friends to a glass of wine in the afternoon to enjoy the festive meal once again and we recommend this dominant Shiraz 2015 — Syrah IGP. The Flaschenpost team guarantees a dining experience when you serve this Shiraz with game or barbecue.

Syrah IGP
The Syrah IGP's refreshing bouquet of blackberry, bread and jam flirts skillfully with your sense of smell. Afterwards, playful nuances of blackcurrant and chocolate resolutely and consciously convince your taste buds. Medium-bodied and dominant acidity result in the fruity red wine, which is pleasant with fine tannins in the mouth and shows plenty of character and class.
Flaschenpost team recommends this Syrah IGP to accompany roasted vegetables, barbecue and game.

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