Chardonnay Reserve Vieilles Vignes AOC

Chardonnay Reserve Vieilles Vignes AOC2020- Histoire d'Enfer

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  • 22.08.2022
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About the wine

Only founded in 2007 and already on everyone's lips, already producing the best Swiss wine (wine newspaper 2011) and praise and laurels wherever you look. And as is often the case, it is special minds behind the success, above all Dr. Régamey, doctor mind you and also blessed with extraordinary sensory and analytical skills. Together with his friends Alexandre Challand and James Paget, he devotes himself to the smallest details in Corin-sur-Sierre in Valais, animated and obsessed with even the smallest details, nothing, but nothing at all, is treated carelessly or regarded as secondary. And so approx. 20 different wines are vinified from just 7 hectares of the best locations, cultivated according to biodynamic principles, each in only the smallest quantities. It is the subtle differences, the characteristics of the sites and vines that are finely and precisely worked out here, as usual only in Burgundy, and there is hardly any new wood there. It is a happiness, a wonderful pleasure and an enrichment to compare the wines of Historie d'Enfer, such as the Pinot Noir. Precise, aesthetic, passionate and demanding, yet each individually and with special features. Great characters who undoubtedly belong to the best that originated in Switzerland! Name or not Histoire d'Enfer you are in wine heaven!

Histoire d'EnferWhite wine   | 75clSwitzerland,   Valais13.8100% Chardonnay
Chardonnay Reserve Vieilles Vignes AOC
Mature Rubens woman. Full and soft, very supple and large full-bodied harmonies, gentle, ripe light fruit, apple, pear, pineapple, pale skin and yet lots of warmth, slightly vegetal freshness, always very soft and creamy, bliss and pleasure. Extremely supple on the palate, nestles, flows, caresses, delicate yet full-bodied, bright now distinctly sweet fruit again, also warm, creamy tones, nutty, waxy, slightly oxidative, with a sensual delicate and increasing freshness, cold and warm, ending fresh and sweet. Lustful Chardonnay, which seduces wonderfully with its ripe, creamy fullness.
Flaschenpöstler recommends this Chardonnay Reserve Vieilles Vignes AOC to you with truffles, fish with herbs and goat cheese.
Highly selective reading by hand. Aging also partly in new small wooden barrels.

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