Collio Ronco della Chiesa DOC

Collio Ronco della Chiesa DOC2020- Borgo del Tiglio - Manferrari

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  • 13.10.2022
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About the wine

The winemaker from the Italian winery Borgo del Tiglio - Manferrari has absolutely mastered his craft. Style and finesse are the hallmarks of this white wine, which originates in the fertile and flourishing landscape of Friuli. If you want to surprise a wine connoisseur, then with this striking Friulano 2011 — Collio Ronco della Chiesa DOC! The Flaschenpöstler guarantees a culinary experience when you serve this Friulano with shrimp or crab animals.

Borgo del Tiglio - ManferrariWhite wine   | 75clItaly,   Friuli13.5Friuliano (Tocai)
Now until 2031
Collio Ronco della Chiesa DOC
When Nicola Manferrari took over operations in 1981, he decided to bottle the Ronco della Chiesa single vineyard separately in the future. The 1.2-hectare and steep southwest plot is characterized by the Flysch di Cormons typical of the area. The vines are on average 40 years old and the hive density is high. Nicola Manferrari grows all of his plants in Caratelli for more or less long; he attaches great importance to using the Italian name for the barriques.
Flaschenpöstler recommends this Collio Ronco della Chiesa DOC for shrimps and crabs. The wine should be enjoyed during this period: Until 2022.

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