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No. 21

Man with tempranillo

«Wine is a fascinating subject. You can spend your life with it and still never stop learning. But it's actually quite simple, too: all you have to do is open a bottle and enjoy. At least that's how Carlos San Pedro recommends it – a thoroughbred winemaker with whom you could steal horses.»

Dominic und Renzo


Bottle of Hado Rioja DOCa from Bodegas Pujanza

«Carlos San Pedro bets on the right horse when it comes to wine.»

The full-blooded Tempranillos of Pujanza

Carlos San Pedro is a winemaker – like his brother, his father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather... This is nothing unusual in Spanish wine families. But Carlos is a bit out of line with his ancestors. But let's start from the beginning: Carlos grew up in picturesque Laguardia in Rioja Álavesa, where – as he says himself – «you breathe wine». As a child, he said, he preferred to spend his weekends among the vines, and to this day that hasn't really changed much: «I don't like to travel, preferring to spend as much time as possible in the vineyard.» Is Carlos San Pedro a wallflower? Far from it! You can tell by his facial features: This man has experienced a lot, has drunk the great wines of this world and seen the great cities. In his free time, Carlos loves to dance flamenco or ride horses – preferably, of course, through his vineyards. There, by the way, the thoroughbred winemaker relies on a single grape variety, the Tempranillo. It is his one and only, and he masters it like no other. It is fascinating how this winemaker, so bursting with temperament, keeps an absolutely cool head when it comes to the well-being of his beloved wines. Every barrel is meticulously checked and, of course, tasted again and again – so as not to miss the perfect moment of maturity. How does Carlos manage to live both precision and enthusiasm in extreme form at the same time? Who knows, maybe we will find the answer to this question in a glass of Hado...

Bottle of Norte Rioja DOCa from Bodegas Pujanza

Norte – a directional leader with 99 points

The scion of the prestigious San Pedro wine family started a small revolution when he founded his own small winery at the age of 30. He relied entirely on Tempranillo. A novelty in Rioja, where wine is traditionally made from several varieties. In addition, he wanted to press wines from single vineyards, which is also not common in the region. He confidently named his bodega «Pujanza» – which means strength – and the label does not say Rioja, but Laguardia. Carlos San Pedro sees his wines as distinctive personalities, shaped by their origins and the people behind them. Bodegas Pujanza's poster child is the Norte. Carlos calls it the «most rebellious of them all» and adds, «We got along from the first year.» You can tell that about the wine: The Norte was celebrated by critics right away. The wine guide «Guía Proensa» has already awarded this wine the highest score several times. 99 points, this is an absolute exception that causes a sensation! Since then, Carlos San Pedro is considered a trend-setting visionary and Bodegas Pujanza is among the elite of modern Rioja. Anyone who now thinks Carlos would press highly complex, elitist wines for connoisseurs with fat wallets has forgotten who he is dealing with. Wine has to be fun when you drink it with friends – that's what Carlos learned in Laguardia from childhood. To the layman, he recommends not even bothering with boring things like tannin, soil qualities or types of wood, but rather to open a bottle and just enjoy.

Bottle of 689 Six Eight Nine Red Napa Valley from Six Eight Nine Cellars

«Here's to a long and happy life!»

689 – a truly promising wine

What's on the label is in the bottle. That's what we expect – and it's true in the vast majority of cases. We're not quite sure about the 689. But we particularly want it to be. Because the numbers 6, 8 and 9 promise a long and happy life according to the harmony theory of Feng Shui. But one after the other: In Far Eastern number mysticism, 6 stands for contentment, or more precisely a kind of «flow» state – when everything is going like clockwork. The 8 stands for infinite possibilities, especially with regard to money. Last but not least, 9 promises a long life. The founders of the 689 Cellars winery in California's Napa Valley used to travel a lot in the Far East and have since been convinced of the positive power of these numbers. When the question of a name for their winery came up, they quickly realized that it had to be 689. «Nomen est omen», as the saying goes. The great success of this wine seems to confirm the importance of numbers. We don't believe that happiness can be bought. But wine can – and isn't that the same thing?

Bottle of Pirú Gran Corte from PirúBottle of Pirú Malbec from Pirú

«The Miracle from the Mountains.»

In Salta there are wines from the 3000m

The mountain world of the Andes in South America stretches over more than 7500 kilometers. It is a world of extremes. Snow and stone as far as the eye can see, with seething volcanoes in between and nothing but ice or salt for thousands of kilometers. That sounds pretty hostile to life. But animals and plants have adapted wonderfully to these conditions. It is an unbelievably diverse habitat where Mother Earth provides many surprises. For example, in the Cafayate Valley, a last foothill of the Andes in the province of Salta in northwestern Argentina. When you enter the valley, you first see a bone-dry landscape with bizarre red rocks. But behind the so-called «Devil's Gulch» a new world unexpectedly opens up: green and fertile – thanks to the melt water from the peaks of the Andes. Here are the highest vineyards in the world, ranging from 1500 to an incredible 3111 meters above sea level. This is not just a world record, but also good for the wine, because the massive temperature differences between day and night make for particularly intense aromas. Whoever tastes the Pirú wines knows what we are talking about. You get a sense of the forces of nature... and a little goosebumps.

Bottle of Minervois AC Ivan Barbic MW from Château d'Agel

The «Master of Wine» recommends...

A masterful Frenchman from the hands of Ivan Barbic

«Master of Wine»? Do you imagine tipsy students in a humid and cheerful seminar? Far from it! The «Master of Wine» is the most prestigious wine diploma in the world. And the path to the award is anything but fun: At most a third of those who apply pass the exams at the London Institute of Masters of Wine. At present, just under 400 people worldwide are allowed to adorn themselves with the «MW». Ivan Barbic is one of just five Swiss who have passed the demanding exams. Barbic was born in Zagreb, grew up in Switzerland and studied food science at the ETH Zurich. He then worked in the wine industry for 25 years before earning the much-coveted «Master of Wine» title in 2016. What is Ivan Barbic's day-to-day work like? When he is not traveling to discover new wines – which then often become bestsellers in Switzerland – he writes articles for the «Schweizerische Weinzeitung» or «Vinum». But a «Master of Wine» naturally doesn't miss the opportunity to launch his own wine. Together with the French traditional domain Château d'Agel, Ivan Barbic has created a beautiful red wine from Grenache and Syrah. Once again, it is evident that he has an exceptionally good hand for wine. Or rather a good nose? Both, of course – guaranteed and tested.

Bottle of Luã Rosé Vinho de Mesa from Luã

«In love with Lisbon»

The Luã Rosé awakens wanderlust

Spring is in the air... High time to make sure there's a good rosé in the fridge. For the spontaneous aperitif with friends, the unexpected date or when you suddenly feel the longing for a vacation. We know this feeling from Lisbon, for example: Portugal's capital has an irresistible charm. Once you have strolled through the winding streets, Lisbon will never let you go. The colorful facades, the fluttering laundry in the sea breeze, the aching muscles from climbing the stairs. In the evening, people like to take a seat on the historic Carreira 28, where the streetcar goes up to the Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte, Lisbon's most beautiful vantage point. From here you can look out over the old town, the Tagus River, the famous Ponte 25 de Abril and the Castelo de São Jorge. It is especially beautiful here when the sun goes down. Lovers attach locks to the railings in the hope that their love will last forever. Musicians perform their art, while people meet to chat and philosophize – of course, they also like to drink a «Rosado». The Luã is just the thing after a long day on your feet – whether from exploring Lisbon or the usual daily grind. A pick-me-up for all those who like to wander far and wide!