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Pinot Noir

The noble dark drop

Anyone who says Pinot Noir must also say Burgundy. Here in central France, the red wine grape has its roots. For its part, the famous offspring has earned the Burgundy region the reputation of a great wine appellation. Today, Pinot Noir is also popular outside its region of origin. However, the grape variety needs a moderate to cool climate to thrive. It is therefore also grown in corresponding areas in Germany, California, New Zealand and South Africa. Pinot Noir also occupies an important place in Switzerland: The grape is most widely grown in eastern Switzerland, and in western Switzerland it is blended with the Gamay grape variety to make Dôle wine. Pinot Noir also goes by the names Pinot Nero, Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir, Klevner, or Pinot Noir, depending on the language region.

The Pinot Noir grape belongs to the nobility of the wine world and accordingly bears the designation noble grape. In terms of taste, a Pinot Noir always offers the highest quality and its fine fragrance also contributes to its reputation as a noble drop. In general, it can be said that Pinot Noir red wine is characterized by a sweet fruitiness. However, depending on the soil and climate of the growing region, very different red wines can be produced. How a Pinot Noir ages is difficult to predict. Tendentially, this red wine loses charm with age, but occasionally the top wines can still be very long-lived and develop complex flavors.