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Portugal and port wine – the two simply belong together. But beware: Portugal has much more to offer than just the sweet wine classic! The country on the Atlantic coast has an enormous variety of indigenous grape varieties, some of which already flourished in the times of the Greeks and Romans. Unlike other countries that focus on the well-known and internationally popular varieties, Portugal actually draws on this cornucopia of autochthonous grape varieties for its wines. With a climate between Atlantic influences near the coast and the dry, hot areas in the interior, Portugal is predestined for viticulture.Nevertheless, the republic was long misunderstood as a wine producer, which is why much has been done in recent years to polish up the image of Portuguese wines. For example, the countless small wine plots were merged into larger and more profitable areas. Did you know that... Portugal ranks first among cork producers? 31% of the cork oak resources are located on Portuguese soil.