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The top class among white wines

It is by no means an exaggeration to call Riesling the German national grape. After all, the cultivation of the Riesling noble grape has a long tradition in Germany. The Riesling vine was first used in the Rhineland, and from there it spread throughout the country at the end of the Middle Ages. Riesling grows in cool climate regions and apart from Germany it is also grown in Austria, France, Luxembourg and Moldova, but also in the New World in New Zealand, Australia and California. Riesling white wine has long had a dusty image, especially in Germany: The fruity-sweet, easily accessible wine was preferred more by older, tradition-conscious wine lovers.

Today, a broad wine-loving community also recognizes the exceptional quality of Riesling wines. In addition, some German winemakers are breaking new ground and producing dry white wine from the Riesling grape.

Did you know that ...

... ice wine is also produced from Riesling grapes? For this purpose, the grapes are left on the vine until the first frost. Once the grapes are frozen through, they are harvested and processed. Since the water in the grapes is frozen, a highly concentrated must with a high sugar content is produced.