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Discover the wine region of Puglia, where the warm sun, the deep blue sea and the warm hospitality create a lifestyle of serenity and joy. Let Primitivo, Negroamaro & Co. enchant your senses and embrace your soul.

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Puglia, in Italy's boot heel, is home to a vast wine-growing region. Almost the entire region is covered with vines. For the most part, the red wines Primitivo, Malvasia Nera and Negroamaro are grown, but white wines from Puglia are also becoming increasingly popular, with the Chardonnay variety leading the way.

For a long time, Puglian wine was underestimated, but little was done in the region to improve its reputation. Instead of quality, mass production of cheap wines was the order of the day for a long time. With the turn of the millennium, however, came the big turnaround: more and more wine producers are discovering the potential of their soils and grape varieties and are working towards ever finer products. As a result, today 28 appellations meet the quality requirements of the DOC label, the most famous of which is Primitivo di Manduria. 4 appellations even bear the DOCG seal for the highest quality.