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Discover the incomparable variety and quality of our Swiss wine world. From sun-kissed Merlot to fruity Chasselas or aromatic Heida to filigree Pinot Noir - good things are so close. Prost!

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Embark on a journey through Swiss wines across this flat, lakeside, and alpine territory with a topography as diverse as its 252 grape varieties, spread over just under 15,000 hectares. Each of the six wine regions: Valais, Vaud, Swiss German-speaking part, Geneva, Ticino, Three Lakes, holds surprises that will delight your taste buds.

Let yourself be amazed by the quality and variety of Swiss vintages: from sun-soaked Merlot to delicate Pinot Noir, from fruity Chasselas to aromatic Heida. Quality and terroir are close to you, waiting to be shared among friends, family, or simply among connoisseurs. Don't hesitate to embark on the beautiful adventure of discovering Swiss wines!