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Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are the stars of every party! Discover our diverse range from Prosecco to Cava and sparkling wine. Of course, the king of all sparkling wines - champagne - is also part of the party. Always remember: You should celebrate the celebrations as they fall!

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When we talk about sparkling wines, two names inevitably come up: Prosecco and Champagne. But what are the differences between these two popular bubblies?

Let's start with the charming Prosecco, an Italian classic. This sparkling wine is made primarily from the Glera grape and is characterized by its light, fruity notes and refreshing perlage. Prosecco is the perfect choice for light-hearted moments and social gatherings.

And now for the undisputed king of sparkling wines, Champagne. It is known for its incomparable quality and luxurious character. Champagne is produced strictly according to traditional methods and must come from the Champagne region. It stands out for its fine perlage, its creamy texture and its refined aromas of yeast dough, apples and citrus fruits. Champagne is the epitome of festive indulgence and is often served on special occasions.

Incidentally, Spanish Cava, French Crémant and Italian Franciacorta are also made using the same process as Champagne. High-quality examples can hold a candle to the noble French in terms of sophistication - and often cost considerably less. Our tip for price-conscious connoisseurs!

Whether you're looking for the perfect prosecco for a casual party or a champagne for an important moment - you'll find the right bubbler here. Here's to a sparkling life! Cheers!