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No. 41

Kilos of wine love

«We love wine. Its taste, the immersion in the aromas, the warming feeling. We love the diversity created by varieties, terroirs and styles. We love the possibilities it offers in combination with food. But most of all, we love the conviviality of drinking a bottle of wine. Wine is a pleasure - you don't need an entry ticket in the form of wine knowledge. Our hero Francesc Grimalt agrees. Definitely someone who loves wine more than anything.»

Dominic Blaesi & Renzo Schweri


Bottle of 12Volts from 4kilos vinícola


Robert Parker: 93/100

«Wine is my life: If it's good, I'm happy. If it's bad, I'm sad.» - Francesc Grimalt

With four kilos to Mallorca's cult winery

Four million pesetas, an oenologist and an artist... this is how the story of the Mallorcan winery 4Kilos begins. "The name reminds me every day of how our first wines were created," explains oenologist Francesc Grimalt, who founded the winery in 2006 together with musician and artist Sergio Caballero. The two men contributed the start-up capital equivalent to 25,000 francs in equal shares. It was just enough for the most important purchases. First and foremost, this meant grapes. The wine was pressed in a friend's garage using steel tanks from a former dairy. It's a crazy story when you consider that Grimalt, then head oenologist at the famous Mallorcan winery Anima Negra, and Caballero, founder of the internationally renowned Sonar music festival, were already enjoying considerable professional success. The two could easily have found an investor and had a smart winery built, as was common practice at the time. But the two idealists wanted to prove that it wasn't financial means that are decisive in making good wine – but a passion for winemaking and sheer determination. And lo and behold: The leading Spanish wine magazines were ecstatic in their praise of the first vintage and gave it top marks. This began the legend. In 2007, the winery was established in the Grimalt family's converted sheepfold. Today, 4Kilos is one of the leading wineries in Mallorca, its wines are in demand in top gastronomic circles and are celebrated by wine critics. When asked what has changed as a result of this great success, Francesc Grimalt replies after a moment's thought: "I'm an old man now. Only that has changed. Ah, and I've been through two divorces." The Mallorcan is a down-to-earth person and a thoroughbred winemaker who doesn't take himself too seriously. With his wine, however, it's a different story: "It's my life!" says Grimalt with an emphasis that carries more weight than 97 Parker points or four million.


Robert Parker: 93/100

Bottle of 4kilos from 4kilos vinícola


Robert Parker: 97/100

The Ramones and Oasis in the wine cellar

Anyone who walks through the rustic barrique cellar with Francesc Grimalt will soon wonder why the names of bands such as Blur, Oasis, Abba and The Clash are written on the barrels. The winemaker provides the answer in his usual blunt manner: "I don't like numbers. I can't remember them. Not even my daughter's date of birth. If you ask me: 'Which one is The Cure?', then I know it's the Syrah grown from the red soils in Santa Maria! If you ask me: 'What's barrel 28?', then I have no idea." The appropriate bands come to mind during the tasting: heavier wines call for heavier bands, fresh wines tend towards disco.

With the omnipresent reference to music, it's no wonder that 4Kilos' flagship wine gets a new "cover" with every "release". Sergio Caballero is responsible for selecting the images. "Sometimes people think it's beautiful, sometimes they think it's crazy," summarises Grimalt. They also want to use the unusual labels to reduce people's fear of getting into wine: "People should see wine as something to enjoy. Like when they go to the cinema, listen to music or do sport. Too many people apologise for not knowing anything about wine. But I think wine is for enjoying, not for describing! When you go to the cinema, nobody asks you what you thought of the camera shake or what you know about the director. Sure, if you know something about wine or film technology, then you can probably enjoy it even more. But it also works without all that."

For all those who like knowing the finer details, here's a few words about the Callet grape variety. This Mallorcan vine, whose saviour is Francesc Grimalt, produces surprisingly light, elegant and fresh red wines. It has adapted perfectly to the climate of the Mediterranean island over hundreds of years and needs no irrigation. Enough theory! Uncorking is the motto -Uncorking is the name of the game – or in the language of the Ramones: Hey ho, let's go!


Robert Parker: 97/100

Bottle of Phantom Red Blend from Bogle VineyardsBottle of Chardonnay Napa Valley from The Hess Collection Winery


Chardonnay Napa Valley 2019: Wine Enthusiast 91/100

«California Dreaming»

Why the Golden State has a lot to offer wine lovers

An Eldorado for viticulture

Gold and glamour, flowers in your hair, sun on your face... California is a place where dreams are made. With its cultural diversity, innovative strength and natural beauty, the Golden State has always attracted many people to the west coast of the USA. The sunshine state also has a lot to offer wine lovers: The combination of warmth, plenty of sunshine and refreshing influences from the sea and the high altitudes in the hilly coastal region provide the best conditions for producing world-class wines.

"Zin" and "Chard"

The most "Californian" of all grape varieties is the Zinfandel. Today we know that it came to America through Italian immigrants and is identical to Primitivo. However, terroir and ageing method have a major influence, so that a Californian Zinfandel has its own unmistakable character. However, the most widely cultivated variety is Chardonnay. The flavour varies from broad to delicate, depending on the climate and cultivation method.


Chardonnay Napa Valley 2019: Wine Enthusiast 91/100

Bottle of Boneshaker Zinfandel from Hahn Estates

The crux of Europe

Despite having the best conditions for viticulture, many Europeans were and still are cautious about US wines. In 1976, a blind tasting in Paris caused a sensation when Californian wines outshone the greatest of French wines. This "bottle shock" led to considerable debate among experts and ushered in the increase in popularity of Californian wine. Today, consumers are mostly only hesitant because of concerns about the transport route. However, as the wines are transported by cargo ship, their carbon footprint is no worse than that of a wine from Spain or southern Italy.

Bottle of Ribera del Duero DO Crianza from Valtravieso


Tim Atkin: 92/100, Guia Peñín: 91/100, James Suckling: 91/100

"From the high plateau to the stars"

Young winemaker Ricardo Velasco on the rise

Bodegas Valtravieso is our insider tip from the Ribera del Duero. The winery is located on the Páramo de Piñel de Arriba plateau and has other vineyards in the Pesquera and Valbuena plateaus. An extreme and demanding terroir, characterised by large temperature fluctuations, sun and wind. But Ricardo Velasco coaxes an exceptionally elegant wine out of these adversities. The oenologist from Valencia is an exceptionally talented man: having grown up without a family tradition of wine, he decided to become a winemaker at the age of 15 after seeing a winemaker explaining his work on television. After his apprenticeship in Bordeaux, he joined Bodegas Valtravieso in 2014.

"As Valtravieso's oenologist, my aim is to express the unique terroir of our wines. Due to the altitude of our vineyards – at over 900 metres – we produce deep, long wines. We are not looking for a very pronounced and heavy structure, but for freshness, finesse and elegance," emphasises Velasco. The Spaniard's particular enthusiasm and precision work have not gone unnoticed by the British Master of Wine Tim Atkin. He chose Ricardo Velasco as "Young Winemaker of the Year". Hats off to him!


Tim Atkin: 92/100, Guia Peñín: 91/100, James Suckling: 91/100

Bottle of Meco Prosecco DOC Treviso from MecoBottle of Meco Prosecco Rosé DOC Millesimato from Meco

«The successful mix»

Prosecco with a fruity spring aspect

Mixed drinks for aperitifs are on trend. And Prosecco is always a favourite! The light and sparkling wine is perfect for mixing refreshing drinks. For example, our favourite Meco Rosé as a pomegranate smash: the wild rose and ginger aromas that you can taste in the 2021 vintage harmonise perfectly with this legendary fruit. A recipe to fall in love with... Why not surprise your guests with a unique mix when they come round for drinks!

Pomegranate Smash - Recipe


  • Crushed ice

  • 1 tsp syrup, such as maple syrup

  • 60ml pomegranate juice

  • 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds

  • 100ml chilled Meco Prosecco Rosé

  • Garnish: Rosemary sprig


Stir together ice, syrup, and pomegranate juice. Pour the mixture into a glass along with the pomegranate seeds and top up with Prosecco. Garnish as desired and enjoy!

Meco Sgroppino - Recipe


  • 1 scoop of soft sorbet, such as grapefruit sorbet

  • Optional: 1 tbsp vodka

  • 100ml chilled Meco Prosecco

  • Garnish: Mint leaves


Gently stir the sorbet with half of the Prosecco (and optionally a bit of vodka) in a mixing container until a smooth mixture forms. Pour into a glass, add the remaining Prosecco. Garnish as desired and enjoy the refreshing treat!

Bottle of Q Grande Reserva from Quevedo


Robert Parker: 94/100

«Pleasant and plenty of Parker points»

The special story behind the Q Grande Reserva

It was one of those typical rainy days in Lisbon when you just want to slip into a bar as quickly as possible, where the fine red wine warms the soul and the cheerful chatter gladdens the heart... Especially if you are lucky enough to have such a gifted storyteller as Oscar Quevedo Jr. making the rounds.

This is what happened at the end of October 2009, when Flaschenpost founder Renzo Schweri met the Portuguese winemaker. Both Portugal as a wine nation and the online wine trade were still in their infancy at the time. The young men shared their visions and hit it off straight away. However, almost ten years passed before the two met again at a trade fair. Enthused by the quality of the wines and the winery's ethos, Flaschenpost decided to bring the Quevedo family's wines to Switzerland.

The characterful, high-quality red and white wines from the Douro Valley have since found a loyal following among our customers. When we recently learnt that the Q Grande Reserva 2019 had been awarded a sensational 94 points by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, we were delighted for the Quevedo family! However, we weren't surprised, as we have been impressed by the quality of their wines for years – and Portugal is increasingly appearing in the top rankings for wine critics. So Oscar and Renzo were right with their vision back in Lisbon. With this in mind: Saúde!


Robert Parker: 94/100

«For the ‹Flaschenpost Selection› label, we set out in search of some of the wine worl's true gems. We guarantee uniqueness and top quality!»

Renzo Schweri

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Our Flaschenpost Selection

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