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Château Galoupet Nomade Rosé PET-Flasche
Bottle of Château Galoupet Nomade Rosé PET-Flasche from Château Galoupet

Château Galoupet Nomade Rosé PET-Flasche 2021 - Château Galoupet

Only available as a box of 6
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  • 29.02.2024
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Item no. 1164590

Château Galoupet Nomade Rosé PET-Flasche 2021 - Château Galoupet

About the wine

The Château Galoupet is a cru classé de Provence in the Côtesde Provence appellation and consists of 77 hectares of protected forests and 69 hectares of vineyards. This future sanctuary of biodiversity was acquired by Moët Hennessy in 2019. After almost 3 years of completely refounding to create fine wines that express this terroir: GaloupetNoMade 2021 is the first vintage to be released. The bottle of the Galoupet Nomande is 87% lighter & 40% more space-saving than a standard glass bottle: In addition, the PET bottle is 100% recycled & recyclable.

Château GaloupetRosé wine | 75cl13.510°C32% Cinsault, 23% Syrah, 22% Grenache, 18% Roll, 4% Mourvedre, 1% Tibouren
Falstaff: 91/100
Tasting note
Fresh fruits, wild berries, pink grapefruit & pomegranate. Crisp, fresh and aromatic, with a mineral finish that recalls the Mediterranean sea breeze that blows through our vineyards.
Culinary recommendation
Galoupet Nomad is perfect for on the go and is a great choice for a seafood meets veggie barbecue, meat and vegetables, or even a simple lemon meringue cake.
Did you know that packaging is responsible for around 40% of carbon emissions in the wine industry? As part of Château Galoupet's ecosystem approach, it was an obligation to look for new options: This bottle is one of the most sustainable wine packaging on the market due to its material sourcing, weight, shape and associated optimization of palleting. With its screw cap that allows easy opening and closing, it's perfect for picnics, outdoor adventures, and sharing special moments on the go, while maintaining the traditional ritual of pouring wine.
More information
Allergy information: Contains sulfites

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